#Growth Pain Taught Me A Lot!!!

As soon i let my guard down, i got hurt a lot, i just wanted to do something,I had a lot of ambition with no guidance, so I’m just helping out, getting used because they know how much work I’m going put in,of coursei was depressed for awhile, like man i just want to make music, i just want to do what i love, but i realized the DREAM IS FREE, but THE HUSTLE WILL COST YOU. I took everything as an experience and lesson learn but i capitalized on all my experience and lessons by let go of the emotions the experience caused. Till this day my guard is down because i come across a lot rare souls, just good hearted people that want nothing from me but a smile and maybe a hug and want to to prosper and get healthy. My experience and heart break made me into this guy i love. Today i was just thinking about where been and where I’m at now. #Blessing #Growth #Orcalife   POD-IG


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