The Cypher Effect: DIYfest2015 Edition

Check out The Cypher Effect: DIYfest2015 Edition featuring myself, Stevie Dub, Haseeb, Lync, Edgar Sosa & Fredo

$15 tickets are still available for the festival here



The Fat Man Is In Tucson Tonight!!!

Tonight I’m at the Fly Catcher in Tucson its the homie Sneaky Jay Release party, this dude is fucking live and he got that i don’t care what you think mentality. So tonight is going to be very lit. But coming to Tucson was different this time we usually come with a van full of people but this time its just me and Lesa, just hot boxing, eating spam masubi’s and just talking about everything and planning out upcoming events. Sometimes its hard to believe i have this type of love in my life because its so rare, I’m thankful for it. If you’re in town come fuck with me tonight and I’m doing a new track.


#Growth Pain Taught Me A Lot!!!

As soon i let my guard down, i got hurt a lot, i just wanted to do something,I had a lot of ambition with no guidance, so I’m just helping out, getting used because they know how much work I’m going put in,of coursei was depressed for awhile, like man i just want to make music, i just want to do what i love, but i realized the DREAM IS FREE, but THE HUSTLE WILL COST YOU. I took everything as an experience and lesson learn but i capitalized on all my experience and lessons by let go of the emotions the experience caused. Till this day my guard is down because i come across a lot rare souls, just good hearted people that want nothing from me but a smile and maybe a hug and want to to prosper and get healthy. My experience and heart break made me into this guy i love. Today i was just thinking about where been and where I’m at now. #Blessing #Growth #Orcalife   POD-IG

Pterodactyl Jones Available NOW!!

Curtiss King & I have joined forces & created the duo Pterodactyl Jones, our self titled debut album “Pterodactyl Jones” is available now on iTunes and was also released off of Murs’ new label, Label316. I’m very proud and happy with this project, I hope you all enjoy it. Along with the project, we dropped the second video from the project for the track “Move On” watch it below and if you haven’t seen the first video we released, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” see it here.