6/14/12: Sound Check

12/26/11: InlandSoCal Lists Noa’s “Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant: Humble Power” as a Favorite

10/19/11: Joose Box Finds Out How Noa Started in Hip Hop

10/1/11: Eazee Street and Pacific Kingdom TV Interview Noa After Pac Div Show

9/11/11: Noa to Perform at DYNT Fall Release Event

9/3/11: Noa is a Panelist at 2nd Annual Western Awareness Conference

7/19/11: West Coast Rydaz Features Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant: Humble Power

7/11/11: Features Noa on The Break:

7/11/11: Noa Makes Appearance On Curtiss King EP

5/26/11: Eazee Street Catches Noa Performing “Dark Passion”

5/4/11: Los Angeles Leakers Features “Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant: Humble Power”

5/4/11: Lyricist Lounge Interviews Noa About Paid Dues Experience

5/2/11: 2DopeBoyz Features “Speak It”

4/11/11: Interviews Noa at Paid Dues Festival

3/31/11: Cover Story w/ IE Weekly

3/29/11: Noa Campaigns for Paid Dues Festival


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